LA’s buildings and vintage neon without all the annoying people. And the music is from Radiohead. This is good stuff.

This was created by Nick Campbell (aka Greyscale Gorilla) for the opening of the Tonight Show with Conan. 

A well done 3-minute film about the quiet life of a modern film projectionist in the UK. Sounds fascinating right? No? Well it is. 

Dressing for suck-sess in the creative department.

I was shoe shopping yesterday and it forced me into a series of questions about identity, trust and workplace attire. I’m a joy to shop with. 

It came down to this: should creatives dress up or dress down? And since I know nothing about the lives of women, this jag will be all about men’s attire. I know the initial roar will be in favor of Converse, OBEY shirts and skinnyjeans. Because we’re all superchill, laid back, Wacom poets, doling out million-dollar tweets and sick-ass graphix, right? 

Considering how much of this job involves building trust and consensus among client contacts and internal people, how do you dress to convey these characteristics while keeping your creative street cred? Skinny tie and torn jeans? Polished penny loafers and a bandana? Or my favorite, glasses and a tattoo? 

The idea of a suit feels so completely over the top. Sure, it’s the official costume of the banker, senator and clergyman, but are those really still the archetypes of trustworthiness? On the other extreme, the look-what-the-cat-drug-in approach to agencywear feels cliched and juvenile. People will say, it’s not about you - it’s about the work, what you produce, what’s on the screen; but that overlooks a major aspect of this job - working with others face to face. And all the little microstatements about lifestyle, professionalism and culture enter the conversation through our state of dress. You cannot remove that signal.

So here’s where I land: If you’re truly compelling, your clothing doesn’t matter. But make choices that feel authentic to you. A mismatch of wardrobe to personality is more jarring than the wardrobe itself.

And I still haven’t decided what shoes to get.  

"I’ve printed out the pages of the website, and both my wife and I agree that it needs to be a higher resolution."


Some B&W pics of mine from downtown LA. 

This reminds me a little of Colin’s Bear Animation which may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Pure beauty from director Pierre Michel. This piece is called Fire Flower. It’s a few years old, dear lord is is pretty. He’s also very generous with his technical knowledge and has posted a making of article.  

I love this title sequence for Rubicon. It’s up for the 2011 Emmy Award in title design along with Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Too Big to Fail, and Any Human Heart. You can watch them all at Art of The Title. I’ve never even seen Rubicon but this sequence has my attention. 

This may be the best commercial I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Photo dump

Widescreen crops of some pics I’m revisiting. Shot these a long time ago in New York, LA and Seattle. The top one turned into a pretty nice Twitter background. Have a look.